Our Ingredients and Ethics

Wherever possible, we avoid the use of spooky chemicals, preservatives, and additives. We will always strive to use elements we know the provenance of, and for our global ingredients, we endeavour to use the highest quality and ethically sourced produce available. 


We take pride in our products and support fair trade /  fair pay ingredients whenever we can. 


The same goes for our position on sustainability. We strive to use as little palm oil in our range as we can, having seen first hand the havoc it wreaks in some developing countries. 


While making mouthwatering baked goods will always come with its fair share of carbon footprint, we buy in bulk as much as we can to avoid multiple deliveries and recycle whatever we can. 


Food waste is a massive problem (even for little cake businesses like ours) so we pledge to never throw any products away and always donate to local causes and charitable endeavours.